Hardik Pandya played the game of his life in the Tata IPL Finals of 2022 when it mattered most! Leading abrand new franchise from his native state of Gujarat infront of almost a lakh of his home fans in the world’s largest Narendra Modi stadium, he could do no wrong as the captain or as an all-rounder!

The big surprise was not his knowledge of the game or his skill as a player but it was his Attitude as a leader. Calm under pressure and gracious in victory in which he was matched every step of the way by his losing counterpart Sanju Samson. The Victor is a surprisingly self assured but understanding superstar of Indian international cricket and the other is the oddly underachieving cricketer for his country holding a impeccable reputation in the IPL world for leading his franchise coached by another global icon of a wicketkeeper-batter Kumar Sangakkara

So, what’s all this to do with those of us in business or management of business? ATTITUDE! That is what it all comes down too. Remember the order and all I ask is to remember the word ASK – Attitude, Skill & Knowledge. That’s the pecking order for Professionalism. Get the attitudes aligned first so that the skills flow towards the desired outcomes always through the relevant knowledge of the situation and action called for.