Old friends meeting? Just another warm reunion of three distinctively diverse people of three different religious backgrounds?

Well, there is the dimunative, legendary Carnatic musical percussionist, – ‘Ghatam’ maestro – “Vikku” Vinayakram, the impeccably stylish and iconic Hindustani musician – ‘Tabla’ maestro Zakir Hussain and the globally renowned Western classical
jazz fusion ‘Guitarist’ John McLaughlin meeting recently!

After more 4 to 5 decades of their collaborative success as the ‘MAHAVISHNU’ orchestra an experimental band that thrilled us all, they still love and care for each other and for life itself!

The ‘Ghatam’ – or earthen pot – for one thing, is a rare, remotely known part of the percussionist ensemble in South Indian Classical music where ‘Vikku’ and his sons are modern day Hall-of-Famers from Chennai.

The ‘Tabla’ is an integral part of the North Indian Hindustani music traditions. Zakir Hussain is a rare, prodigious scion and succesor of his father’s prowess. Tall John must truly be called a born again Indian whose love for Indian Musical Traditions made him a true brand ambassador as ‘Mahavishnu’ John Mclaughlin!

For more than four decades many of us have been fascinated by this unique cultural respect and pride for celebrating each other through their love for music, personal love and respect for each other and the most important – THEIR PERSONAL BELIEF IN THEMSELVES AND IN THE POWER OF COLLABORATION!

THAT truly is a lesson for each one of us in this world as professionals working for a WIN-WIN WORLD OF RESPECT FOR ONESELF AND RESPECT FOR OTHERS πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ

Perfect example of the new corporate buzzword in organisational culture – DEI – as in DIVERSITY, EQUITY & INCLUSIVITY! Can you think of a better example of global peace and harmony to beat this joy of togetherness? I certainly cannot…..