Arab Ministers, some other significant Arab Sheikhs and diplomatic guests of the United Arab Emirates, especially from Abu Dhabi and Dubai must have accompanied their royalty to the new Abu Dhabi BAPS temple today in the sacred month and completed their fasting for Ramadan by “breaking bread” if one may bring in another catholic – typically “Christian” – term for harmonious celebration of friendship! There was so much peace and joy at the temple as one can see on all the faces.

Starting with culinary choices, the guests made such elegant exception to promote peace by accepting the food offered as “Prasad!” The term “PRASAD” in the Ancient Indian Wisdom Traditions means “Acceptances of All Consequences!” The courage to accept all the results of one actions bravely leads to a sense of total security in the environment. We call it PEACE!

This is a great “Miracle of The Middle East” more because of the two so called bi-polar belief systems of two neighbouring cultures accepting each other with such endearment. The Emirates led by the rulers of Dubai and Abu Dhabi have always trusted and encouraged their neighbouring trader friends from the state of Gujarat across the Gulf more than many of their other neighbours. BAPS, incidentally is now a global ambassador from Gujarat for peace and prosperity across many other countries from whom even other Indian spiritual missionaries draw inspirational insight. The iconic ruler of Dubai whose family drove over to neighbouring Abu Dhabi for this exemplary exhibition of goodwill has always said : “Whatever is good for business is good for Dubai!” The Gujarati diaspora for whom the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji is now a global symbol for Growth and Development, always resonates with their belief that BUSINESS GROWS ONLY IN PEACE! Hate on the other hand, only peddles “guns ‘n’ roses” – pun intended – while mourning for the dead!

Watching this video, I couldn’t help wondering……
Amazing Grace….. HARMONY makes Business thrive and hence it can only make Happiness grow all over the world!

Hail the Royal Emirati families with Ramadan wishes for promoting more peace, goodwill and joy in the world!

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