This resonates so well with one of our Core Beliefs at my Attitude Consulting company, MANTRA, that we formulated in a Leadership programme as the





It is surreal and perhaps serendipitously matching what we have held all along because our life coach and famous Vedantic Wisdom teacher, Pujya Swami Chinmayananda always told us that your Beliefs are created by your attitudes or tendencies. These in turn, are based on imprints of past experiences with the world of objects either as running towards things we like or love – RAGA – or running away from things we dislike or hate – DVESHA – which are purely born of perception.

So our ATTITUDE – A – decides our BEHAVIOUR – B – which forms our CHARACTER – C – which defines our DESTINY – D – as the A-B-C-D MODEL of leadership!

1970cookie-checkA-B-C-D MODEL of leadership!