Happy Teachers Day

Sep 6, 2022

Lots of loving Remembrances of ‘Guru Bhavam’ …. or ‘Attitude of Learning’ (from)…

5th September is celebrated across India and among Indians across the world I suppose, as TEACHERS DAY in memory of one of our most loved and globally celebrated teachers of modern India, Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who went on to be President of the Republic of India after a exemplary life as a teacher par excellence! His most famous utterance came at a convocation: “Today, you are graduated, now go out (into the world) and get educated!”

His birthday got to be celebrated as TEACHERS DAY as a mark of respect for all those who sacrifice their lives that others may bloom forth in knowledge to tap into their own potential and become the best version of themselves!

VIDYA DAANENA VARTATE – “Knowledge, when gifted, spreads!” used to be an inspiring thought I picked up from the logo of the Flying School of the INDIAN AIR FORCE at the air base in Tambaram, bear Madras that is now Chennai, India. when I got to cover a Television feature on Doordarshan when it turned 25 years in founding!

Even if we paid one rupee or dollar or any unit of currency across the world for every year of our earnings for our teachers, can you imagine what we could all gift them all?

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