Feb 2, 2021

There is something charming about life. It never lets you down. It always offers a solution along with every problem. If you look within you will find them too by intuitive practice. Instead we look outside our own selves for the solution and then we often get frustrated by what we find and begin to react negatively to every situation as a conditioned reaction.

Trick is to learn how to look within before reacting. There are many ways to look within and become more proactive. First thing to do is to start ‘Looking at things more positively.’

Never let the negative thought come in. Become AWARE of it and slowly replace the negative thought slowly with a more positive tone. Initially one tends to sound a bit mixed up as one changes the muddy water of negative thought by adding clear water slowly.

Take the Indian Budget of 2021 placed before us by the Finance Minister on the first day of February, for example. First reaction is WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me?” What are the free takeaways and fiscal ‘sops’ we are getting? What are the freebies we can expect from tomorrow?

Nobody thinks how can we rebuild this Nation up to its pristine glory of centuries ago through a great balancing of our budget? how can an annual budget transform this Nation? If we were looking at it that way first thing we will see is sacrifice, not compromise. Can we first stop looking for compromises and cheap short-term gains for the moment? When we look with some temporary pain for ultimate growth, don’t  we discover that this budget Is quite a visionary one? It takes a lot of vision  20 to 30 years  ahead in a year’s budget but one has to start somewhere and the right time is always “now” and the right place is always “here”!

What if I start looking at it a bit more positively with the belief that what we do today would help people – as in our own children  – 30 to 40 years from today even if I’m not here to enjoy it? It will help keep the world a safer place and my country a greater country.

Alas! What we can do something about, we don’t think always about.  What we cannot do anything about, we are always thinking about, sometimes positively but mostly negatively. That’s average human mentality at least in our society today. If I believe that India’s National Budget is a step in the right Direction, this leads to a Leap of Faith and the Cascading Effect changes our National Character itself! This is the first affirmation that I need to make.  How do I work within this framework to build the nation and of course get a better life for myself.

That would be the first step for every Indian to look at tomorrow with hope and look at yesterday with relief! There is no perfect way to budget for a nation as for a home or even for an individual because life is so organic and unpredictable.

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