India is the land that is ageless! The  Republic India, though is only 72 years old today! So what is essentially the difference? India the Republic is symbolic only of the national pride born of our modern identity and our unity as a nation. India the ageless Civilization is born of the passion that every true Indian feels, way beyond the young age of it’s democratically run nationhood.

Republic Day is really for us to pay¬† homage to those people who died that we may live free to do whatever we please, sometimes even if it’s as shameful as to hurt our image as a nation and make their sacrifices look wasted. Today, we celebrate it more to show the world the true pride that we feel for our defence forces who protect the vast borders of this great nation and the sheer victory of willpower more than mere dependence on hi-tech weaponry and automated ‘skillpower’

 I would dare say that India as a whole is actually much bigger than the sum of all it’s parts! Today, in fact, you can never take India out of the Indian anywhere in the world. You will find that it is not just about Indians in India. You will find the pride of people from India all over the globe. It doesn’t matter how many generations you have been away from the motherland, there is the pride of the Indian who used to disown it maybe or deny it even whether it was Trinidad in the West Indies, Mauritius in the Indian Ocean,  Malaysia or Fiji, or in so many other parts of the world, there is a distinct longing to reconnect with roots in India. The shy or even partly ashamed Indian who migrated to the developed world decades ago is now walking with renewed confidence bordering on cockiness. It is all coming down to two words literally from the Bhagawad Gita – “Parasparam Bhavayantham”. That just means “Helping each other”

India is seen as a highly dependable ally, totally collaborative and friendly in the post COVID Lockdown phase of helping many nations to recover by supply of reliable Vaccines. While our medicare warriors take a bow, our real soldiers and policemen continue to take the brunt of some unwanted strain. The misguided vandalists deserve to be punished for choosing this delicate time for their stupid antics for grabbing attention.

Satyameva Jayate  — TRUTH shall prevail!

INDIA – just the thought always makes me feel proud to be born INDIAN!

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