“Getting the right people in the right jobs is a lot more important than developing any business strategy”  said Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO of General Electric, America.

No business can grow without the right people working for it. No business head can succeed without ’embracing and encouraging’ the people who work for him or her to do their best at work.

It therefore becomes our first and foremost responsibility. Choose the right people and retain them to work for you willingly and to build lifelong bonds with you, so they don’t lose touch with you even after moving on. The new Mantra is “RETAIN people for right ATTITUDE and RETRAIN people for appropriate SKILLS.

This is going to be the biggest challenge for any organisation growing from a Startup entrepreneur PHASE to a professional corporate management style PHASE. This is called TRANSFORMATION MAPPING for Human Capital.

This, ironically, is also going to be the biggest challenge for MSME (Micro/ Small/ Medium Enterprises) organisations in India as they try to break the barriers and outgrow their initial enthusiastic objectives and strive to succeed against global competition profitably.

The mistake that people make is in not spending enough time on their people either while hiring them or while inducting them or even while integrating into the  system after years in employment. This hurts people in the long run.

It often doesn’t show in the profits because it is not the organisation that is clever enough to make profit. It is the demand for the product and the the limited choices of the customer more than the genius of management.

In fact, it is often not because of their wonderful people skills but IN SPITE OF it that many of them succeed.

The reward for people-oriented growth policies are intangible but intoxicating enough as memories to carry to one’s grave long after the heady days of collaborative team building are over. The incentive to stay on in such an organisation makes people pass up opportunities for more power and money just for the magic of being cared for and appreciated.

Money or Harmony? What is a greater motivation? Why not both? Why not add one to the other if either one of them is missing in your current workplace.

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