Didn’t miss a beat of it!

It is the way of the world – the old order passeth and all that, but not without leaving it’s mark on the world – literally and figuratively!

Well, “Fedal” had their opportunities especially at 9-8 -Match point! – on the Federer serve that would have not just bitten but wounded the “World” in the halcyon days of the past but that is that – a fitting ‘letting go’ to allow the World to take over the stage!

What a celebration of emotional intelligence… laughing through the tears!

There never will be another Golden Era of 66 Slams wrapped in a small bouquet of four different fragrant flowers! There never will be a Friendship that surpasses healthy rivalry like FeDal…

Absolutely the Greatest 4 certainly…. playing for the LAVER cup… in the presence of THE LEGEND himself and under the captaincy of two greats of another Era – Borg n McEnroe! Who could have scripted a farewell scene like that?

The King is gone – Long live the King!

“CLASS” is what Class DOES! CLASSIC!

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