THIS man – KHALIL ABD AHMED – in Bahrain has taken care of hundreds of ‘Yateem’ Orphans in his life time. He was honoured in a beautiful way. His car stopped on the signal and his name appeared from all sides. The banner dropped telling him that he was the head of all champions ever born. Even the radio stations delivered the message to him. 💐🌹💐 SO TOUCHING! INCREDIBLY MOVING EXPERIENCE to be appreciated unconditionally in one’s own city and community…. CAN MONEY EVER BUY THIS HAPPINESS OR SHOULD WE EVEN EXPECT IT FOR OURSELVES? THE BHAGAWAD GEETA CALLS IT ‘NISHKAMA KARMA’ OR DESIRELESS EFFORT …. as in doing what you believe in and believing in what you do! Results will follow and appreciation defines your happiness when you least expect it from the world you have created! TOTAL SALUTE OF RESPECT FOR THIS TRUE CHAMPION OF HUMANKIND!